Way back in 1980, I got a tattoo. Mind you, back then, the only people with tats were circus performers, bikers, sailors, and prisoners. So I was cool. Now, everyone is inked.What changed to make it so common? anyway… no more for me. The end.

Professional Art

If you have ever been to an art gallery, whether it was a famous well known one like the Tate or the Louvre, or just a small store window type in the town, then you have been witness to professional art. Most art is amature until someone displays it and the world sees it. Then… Continue reading Professional Art

another blog

This is as good a time as any to start fresh and put things into perspective. One thing at a time,,, With as much effort as needed, go over the things that you know are the most important, and one by one, do what must be done to accomplish their resolution. Be careful not to… Continue reading another blog

Hello again

I would like to talk about why people buy art, mainly paintings, and why paintings are so well displayed and appreciated. It is in direct relation to why there are so many museums and art galleries that display paintings. Paintings are, no matter what the subject, pieces of decor, and they are, with the proper… Continue reading Hello again

First Blog

Hello everyone. This is Roy Sampson, and I started this blog to get people interested in art, not just my art but all art and also to bring whomever reads this a forum for appreciation of art. If you are interested in other topics, I openly participate in that as well but try to not… Continue reading First Blog

Hello world!

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