The Artwork of Roy Wheeler Sampson

From castles and celebrities to Whimsical and surreal themes, each painting created by Roy Sampson takes you on a wonderful journey and experience.


Have a look at the online Gallery or visit the ever evolving Gallery at 511 Dover in Toms River. 

Recent Works of Art

Some of the recent works of art done by Roy W Sampson. Click on each one to see a story and the idea behind each painting.

Japanese Handwriting

Jim Morrison

English Castle

Evergreen Fern

The Elephant

The Ballerinas

The Ballerinas 2

Abbey Road Painted

The Zodiac

The Sea Turtle


K.K.’s Flying V

Working Process

Roy Wheeler Sampson is known for his great artwork. From painting popular figures in entertainment, to painting wildlife, metaphysical and surreal settings.